Country Hotel ´Le cuisinier en Combraille´

A perfect place to spend your summer vacation
Country Hotel ´Le cuisinier en Combraille´

About Le cuisinier en Combraille:

At B&B ´Le cuisinier en Combraille’ in Vergheas it is all about tranquility, relaxation and fabulous food. Your two hosts have created an oasis of well being and luxury, where they are ready to welcome you. You can enjoy lovely evening dinners after a stroll around the beautiful gardens with their breathtaking views. The clean air of this wild and unspoilt area of France will encourage you to let off steam by hiking or cycling on the many green lanes.

Cookery workshops:

Being a home of culinary excellence, Le cuisinier en Combraille started 2006 with cookery classes at the premisses in Vergheas, France, a mere 15 Km from Château du Ludaix.

The first cookery group in 2006 was the unforgettable ´Les copins culinaires´. Since then many groups followed. It is with much pleasure that Le cuisinier en Combrailles chef Jacco Scheper accepted the invitation of Stephany Holland of Chateau du Ludaix to do cookery workshops and classes together.

Staying at Le cuisinier en Combraille:

Should you consider a vacation or short stay at Le cuisinier en Combraille, please visit the Cuisinier en Combraille website for room types, tarifs, good food and more …….
Le Cuisinier website

Vivier, 63000 Vergheas, France

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